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          esha Denise, a true southern belle, is a real estate maven, entrepreneur, and supermom to Kali Renee Mosley. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Kesha operates multiple businesses, participates in numerous philanthropic activities and raises her daughter alongside Kali’s father, C.J. Mosely Jr, a retired defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins.

Kesha adopted a passion for business early on, followed by a strong interest in information technology while studying at the University of Memphis. After college, Kesha pursued a career as an IT principle trainer teaching highly complex medical software to the country's top physicians and medical elite. After excelling in a number of leadership positions, she decided to take a brave leap towards entrepreneurship.

Kesha's keen interest in trends and design made her transition from tech to fashion effortless. In 2009, she opened the doors to "Material Girls"– an upscale women's boutique. After a highly successful couple years, Kesha decided to relocate from Houston, TX to Atlanta, GA to continued business online while she took additional strides in her entrepreneurship journey.

In 2014, while in the middle of a huge contract, Kesha learned she was expecting! While many thought she'd finally take a break from the entrepreneurial lifestyle, being pregnant made her even more ambitious. Premium Transportation, a nation-wide logistics company, began operation during her second trimester. By the time Kali was born, Kesha was able to purchase equipment, hire employees, and acquire multiple government certifications.

While approaching motherhood, Kesha found it imperative to create the best life for Kali on the outside but also create the best life for her on the inside. Kesha and CJ adopted a plant-based/vegan lifestyle to grow a healthy baby girl, create a successful breastfeeding experience, and take control of their health before retirement. Kesha decided to expand her organic lifestyle beyond their diets after seeing the improvement in their health and the health of their daughter. She searched high and low for quality organic hair and skin care for Kali but found that nothing on the market satisfied their needs. As proven time and time again, when Kesha notices a problem, she creates a business out of the solution.

Key&Kal organics was born out of Kesha's passion for the beauty industry and focus on health from the inside out. Extensive research, testing, and sourcing the best ingredients on the market became the cornerstones for what she decided to share with world. Handcrafted cremes, body butters, conditioners, and hair masques are just a few things to expect from Key&Kal Organics.

"Being able to supply moms and babies with high-quality products while teaching my daughter what it means to create a life doing what you love is so fulfilling… more than I could ever ask for"

Though Kesha wears many hats, her most treasured position is not CEO, it’s MOM. She and CJ aspire to continue being the best parents they can to Kali, teaching her to appreciate life, live off the land, and be the best she can be. Kesha can't wait to give the world a behind-the-scenes glance at what it's like to be a reality star, health advocate, and “mompreneur”!


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