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Dining Rooms: 3 things you NEED to know before decorating yours!

In all reality, most dinging rooms are known for their fine china, stiff chairs and table cloths. Stuffy dining rooms just aren't livable, practical, or sexy!

You can make your dining room the most luxurious room in your home without compromising on character, comfort, and style! Before decorating (or re-decorating!) your space, make sure to follow these tips:

1. Have a meaningful theme

Choose a theme and stick to it! This will set the overall tone of the space. I chose a Bollywood-Glam theme for my dining room. Buddha symbolizes peace– and in our household, dinner offers a sense of reflection. It's a time for us to show love and express gratitude.

2. Choose an accent

I chose gold (and few other metallic shades) to bring a feeling of warmth royalty to the room. Your accent can be a solid color, metallic, or even a stylish pattern!

3. Open up the room

Want to make your dining room feel SO much bigger?! Add a mirror! Dining rooms are oftentimes enclosed spaces. Hanging a mirror will not only add a stylish touch to the wall, the reflection will give the allusion that the room has more space than it actually does!

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